Is Kylie Jenner Keeping Baby News Secret to Boost Her Ratings?

Theories as to why Kylie Jenner hasn’t revealed she is pregnant abound online, with the most delightfully batshit suggestion being that it is because she is actually Kim’s surrogate.

A competing theory—that Kylie is having a kid to get a second season of her reality show—is gaining ground. The extended Kardashian clan is masterful at monetizing its personal lives, but, still, the optimists among us can’t help hoping that even the most ambitious TV star would hesitate to launch into a lifetime commitment of parenting just to extend her TV shelf life.

However Radar Online’s new hypothesis, presented Thursday morning, that Kylie is merely withholding news of her pregnancy to build numbers is compelling.

Of course the Svengali behind this alleged super-reveal strategy is, according to Radar, the 20-year-old mogul’s momager Kris Jenner, who is “ordering her daughter to maintain her silence,” according to the outlet.

A source tells Radar: “Kylie hates staying away from the spotlight, but Kris has a vision of how she wants this to go down, and she must listen to her mom.

“Of course Kylie hates being forced to stay away from the spotlight. She lives for fame,” the insider said, in comments the veracity of which few outsiders would contest.

Radar perhaps goes too far, however, with its claim that Kylie could attempt to carry the baby to term before unleashing it on her fans.

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