Bobrisky Shares His Infamous Throwback Photo, Curses Haters

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky took to his Instagram to share the infamous photo from his arrest in 2011 and talked about how people who never raised a hand to help him then are now insulting him after he suffered to become who he is today.  He also admitted to what we all already know..bleaching his skin.

Hi guys, can u all just give me 10 seconds of ur time Thanks. Dis is my throw back picture which some of u know. I’m sure some of u know me when I was like dis. Did anyone one of u say oh bobrisky u look?so hungry take dis small money to add to ur living No now that I’m bobrisky after suffering for many years without nobody and now that I own a house in lekki, driving the latest Benz,toyota and also traveling from one country to another u all wanna open your disgusting mouth?to insult me. May God punish u all who say shit about me. I hustle so hard before becoming bobrisky so u all should leave me and mind ur business. Some of u all will still say I bleached my skin lol. Yes I bleached my skin and am happy cos that is one of my most income coming in into my account because I sell my cream to people. Hate or love,bobrisky is known over 20 countries if not world?wide. I can give examples I made so much money In London my last meet and greet. Now am on USA tour which each state promoters pay me dollars not Naira for my meet and greet. So I will advice some of u to go find ur own hustle and don’t condemn others. Thanks love u all”

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