Britney Spear’s Iconic Umbrella Is Up For Auction


In 2007, Britney Spears went crazy and shaved her head then proceeded to smash car windows with her umbrella. That iconic umbrella will be going up for auction.

Daniel Ramos is the papparazi guy who was attacked by Britney with the umbrella, and now, 10 years after, he is ready to let go of it. Ramos has been carrying around the umbrella with him. He was photographed in LAX and he had the umbrella with him. He told TMZ that he is putting it up for aution adding that it is listed online with RR Auction and is set to hit the block August 10th.

Since the umbrella hasn’t even been auctioned off yet, it is still not known how much it will cost. However, Daniel Ramos seems to think that it will go for quite a lot, giving the auction a ballpark estimate of $50,000.

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