Ciara slammed for taking 3-month-old daughter Sienna Princess on toboggan ride in china

Ciara caused quite the stir after she shared a video of her riding a toboggan in China with her three-month old daughter, Sienna Princess, strapped to her chest.

The footage, which lasts less than a minute, show Ciara, 31, whizzing down the toboggan path while husband Russell Wilson and son Future Zahir follow closely behind.

A number of commenters criticized the pop star’s choice to bring her baby on a potentially dangerous ride.

“Isn’t this too dangerous for a new born,” one comment read, while another said, “It may be fun but doing this with an infant to your chest is not smart at all.”

But some commenters seemed to support Ciara in her controversial decision to bring her baby along for the ride.

“Why is everyone saying it’s dangerous for the baby… and anyway she’s holding the baby it’s not like it’s going to fall,” said one person.

“If any of ya complaining, put your kids in a vehicle or take them on flights, then ya need to close ya mouth,” argued another person. “Ya sound stupid and honestly some of ya can’t afford this trip anyway. So you never have to worry about doing this with your kids.”

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