Victoria Beckham’s daughter has discovered just how famous her mom really is


Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper just found out exactly how posh her mother really is.

This weekend Beckham posted photos on her Instagram story of her six-year-old playing with the classic Spice Girls dolls many ’90s kids obsessed over. Naturally, she owns the complete set

One of the captions reads, “When you find out your mom was a pop star.” While we find it a little difficult to believe that Harper didn’t previously know this about her mom, it would still be a little surreal to see a doll made in your mother’s image.

Though we have a hard time believing Harper has never once bopped to “Wannabe” or “Spice Up your Life,” it still must be shocking to see you mother in doll form.

It’s good to know that Beckham is keeping her daughter educated on one of the most iconic girl power pop groups of all time.

Now, who else wants to break out their old doll collection?

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