Tyga’s Alleged Transgender Lover Calls Him Out For Denying Her

Tyga was a guest on The Breakfast Club last week and during the interview, he was asked if the claims that he had sexual relations with a transgender were true but Tyga said “no.”

He seemed slightly nervous when the question came up, possibly because the co-host Angela Yee is friends with the transgender, but the interviewer did not push it further. After the interview was shared online, the transgender woman, Mia Isabella, took to Twitter to call Tyga out for lying.

She shared a link to Tyga’s interview and accused him of denying their relationship despite the fact that she kept quiet about it to protect him because he was being shamed and discriminated against. She also said that Tyga kept chasing her because of her d*** and called him her “bottom bitch”.

People reacted to Mia’s Twitter rant, accusing her of dragging Tyga when he never called her name in the interview but she remained adamant and said it was clear he was referring to her.

“What people don’t understand is it doesn’t matter if my name is mentioned. (I’m) the only transgender woman publicly connected to him so any mention of that situation instantly creates headlines,” Mia Isabella told International Business Times in an email on Sunday.

See screenshots of her tweets below.



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