This best-selling smartphone camera lens kit is on major sale today

dsfsd (2).jpg

Smartphone owners are all becoming photographers these days, but the Amir 2-in-1 lens kit will set you apart from the rest.

Originally $94.99, the kit is available on Amazon as a lightning deal for $20.99until supplies last. (Which won’t be long)

The kit features both a 0.6X super wide angle lens for a high definition wide angle image without distortion, and a 15X enhanced macro lens for extreme close-up shots.

As an added bonus, the clip-on attachment fits virtually every smartphone and and connects to lenses of all kinds, so you can attach your fisheye lens if you’re looking for an aquatic POV.

The high-def specs help minimize glare, reflections, and ghosting to ensure you get the best Instagram possible


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