Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active looks like a more boring S8

As with the last several generations of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, it appears that the S8 is getting a rugged “Active” variant, with a larger battery and a thicker, more durable design. Over the weekend, pictures of the upcoming smartphone leaked out on Reddit (via 9to5Google), giving us a look at what the S8 Active will look like.

From a hardware perspective, the S8 Active is almost identical to the regular S8, with the same Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and cameras. But in the name of ruggedizing the device, Samsung seems to have sacrificed the best part of the original S8: the incredible design.

Image: nique0201 (Reddit)

Instead of the edge-to-edge Infinity Display that’s become the most iconic part of the S8, the S8 Active will have a traditional, uncurved display, with some pretty chunky bezels on the sides to boot. Additionally, where past Active devices had a re-mappable “Active” button for quick shortcuts, the S8 Active will have a locked-down Bixby button instead.

There are a few perks to the S8 Active, though: the rugged device has a military standard certification and offers a larger 4,000mAh battery, both of which should be useful if you’re the sort of person looking into buying a rugged smartphone. Like previous Galaxy Active variants, the S8 Active is said to be an AT&T exclusive, although there’s still no information on pricing or release date.


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