Open Letter To Durella: Women and Alcohol Were Responsible For Your Career Taking A Plunge, Stop Lying


For a while now, we have all been treated to petty drama riddled with several name calling, fake lifestyle outing, famzing claims and whatnot between socialites and artists, and truth be told, it’s just about enough. Enough already!

While there are a few who live the good life; popping champagne, making a dash for the store in a jet and steadily cashing out due to their huge brand and maybe hardwork, it must however be noted that a few others who managed to reach the upper echelons of mega stardom, lost it all in the blink of an eye. This for some was came about due to bad management of their money. Some lost everything to the managers, labels, and promoters who were supposed to handle their affairs And some lost their money to lavish lifestyle and addictions.

One of the celebrities who seems to have taken a steep plunge from household name status into ‘we never even knew you were gone’ is you, Oga Durella.

Now, this post would not have made the light of day, had you;
1. decided on staying quiet and just keep working on yourself till we get that hit or at least successful record from you.
2.  decided to practice properly at home before giving the Hip TV interview
3. gotten yourself a coach in the industry to put you through on what to say at the interview.

Now, you go on air to talk about why you went MIA for years and your answer was:

”It is not even related to anything like that women, drinks and you [speak incoherently for a while] I can say it right now, am a different person entirely.”

This is where I waited patiently, for him to say how he is any different from what he claims he was never into, then I hear..

”I can tell you change, am not [incoherent speaking starts again] I don’t really think maybe it’s because of women….it doesn’t really stop anything…[here goes the Nigerian celebrity ego taking a stroll in] nothing can stop my talent.”

Sir, you deny women and drinks were not the reason for you abrupt I want to believe temporary end in the industry, yet you say you have changed and you don’t think women ended your career? What exactly do you want us to believe?

More than half of the celebrities today are neck, tongue, penis deep into hopefully learning where the clitoris is and what it feels like without ruining their chances of still unnecessarily being all up in our faces, but you went overboard or what?

Your Wikipedia says and management ended things, you are here incoherently further giving us reasons never to take any other artist like yourself trying to make a comeback.

How exactly do you plead Oga Durella?

@tope delano

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