Earn industry-standard certifications in Adobe Creative Cloud’s popular programs

The cliché of the starving artist exists for a reason—it’s hard to get paid for your skills with a paint brush. Luckily, there is a career path that will allow you to make your masterpieces and develop marketable skills simultaneously. With a solid foundation in graphic design, you can create beautiful digital art, touch up photos to stunning effect, create distinctive logos, and so much more.

Get started on this career path today with the Graphic Design Certification School. This lifetime training subscription will introduce you to three essential tools professional graphic designers rely on, and help you get a valuable certificate in the process.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification is a great way for you to show prospective employers that your knowledge and skills are up to date and of a high caliber—and some institutions and organizations even require a CPD quota before they consider an applicant.

All courses in the Graphic Design Certification School training are CPD-accredited, so you’ll earn a number of CPD certification hours as you complete them. Each of these courses gives you a comprehensive breakdown of an industry-standard application. Your lessons will include:

1. Photoshop Course: Master the Leading Image Design Software

This course will cover the design process using this go-to software for creating and editing images. You’ll learn to import and manipulate images in different formats, create 3D images, work with color for print production, and much more.

2. Illustrator Course: Run Through the Complete Design Process with Adobe Illustrator

In this complete crash course in Adobe Illustrator, you’ll work with paths, nodes, and bezier curves. You’ll learn to flow text into any shape along any path. You’ll even get a chance to sharpen your color correction skills, so your projects will be vibrant and true-to-life, every time.

3. InDesign Course: Learn to Design Magazines, Brochures & More with Adobe InDesign

From simple fliers to colorful newsletters, you’ll discover how to develop a wide variety of documents with this Adobe InDesign training. You’ll also learn to create special effects with color and transparency, create templates for pages to improve your productivity, and leverage your new Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge to maximize your creativity. The regular price of this training is a hefty $1,197, but you can get it here today for the special price of $39 for a limited time.

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