Young Entertainers Are Not Disciplined – Okey Bakassi

Veteran comic, Okey Bakassi is again stating his satisfactions about Nigerian celebrities and their attitude to work.

Okey bakassi who during Emma Ugolee’s show had stated that 70% of entertainers abuse drugs again said major part of these people are not disciplined.

In his words:

“Truly, there is a lot of substance abuse in the industry these days, and just like I said earlier, about 70 per cent of entertainers indulge in this. Even though it may boost creativity in the short-term but in the long run, its effects are not so good. Many people think entertainment is an unserious profession and that’s a big lie. You need to have your head screwed on tight and know what you’re doing irrespective of whatever is happening around you. Many entertainers are not disciplined and that is why many of them don’t have long, enduring careers. If you study those who have had long careers in the industry, you will realise that they are very disciplined people.”

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