Mel B is seeking a restraining order against her former nanny Lorraine Gilles Amid Claims she stole $300,000 from her and is threatening to release sex tapes

Former Spice Girl Mel B showed up in court in Van Nuys, near Los Angeles today – with her 18-year-old daughter Phoenix – to demand a restraining order against ex nanny, Lorraine Gilles, 25, whom she claims has been harassing her.

Dressed in an elegant white dress, with leopard skin high heels and her hair partially dyed blonde, the 42 year-old America’s Got Talent judge sat with her lawyer, Larry Mark Bakman as he argued Gilles stole $300,000 from his client.

He also claimed that the former nanny is in league with Mel B’s former husband Stephen Belafonte and that she is hoarding sex videos of the former Spice Girl and threatening to release them.


Gilles and her legal team deny all the accusations and claim that she is merely caught up in the middle of a bitter divorce between Mel and Belafonte.

Both sides argued over having video cameras in court.

Bakman painted a picture of Gilles being in league with Belafonte, telling her to rent a public storage unit to keep the embarrassing videos in and refusing to tell Mel B where the lockup is.

The attorney claimed, Gilles – who earned $6,667 a month as a nanny – was paid $300,000 by Belafonte to ‘do his bidding’ – a sum that was shelled out without Mel B’s consent, alleged Bakman.

‘Miss Gilles was stealing money from Miss Brown. No nanny can be expected to make $300,000. The payment of such a vast sum of money by Mr Belafonte to Miss Gilles could not be justified for nanny services.’


Bakman accused Gilles of conspiring with Belafonte to threaten Mel B with the release of the sex videos ‘which would damage my client ….and threaten her career and reputation.’


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