Man Catches Wife In Matrimonial Bed With Her Pastor, Asks Court To Dissolve Marriage

Yesterday, the Igando Customary Court in Lagos dissolved the marriage of Mr Tunji Oyedele and his wife Romoke after efforts at reconciliation failed.

Mr Oyedele was the one who petitioned the court seeking divorce. He accused his wife of engaging in adultery and other fetish activities. Mrs Romoke denied all the allegations brought against her and told the court that her husband has a new wife which is why he wants their marriage dissolved. She insisted that she still loved him, however, the court dissolved the marriage because Tunji refused all efforts by his family and the court to make them reconcile.

During an earlier hearing, Tunji insisted on divorce, saying his wife is a promiscuous woman who brings in several men to their home whenever he travels. The businessman claims he has caught her twice with her lovers in his house, one of them being a man she claimed was her pastor. He also said he once went into her room unannounced and found diabolical items like feathers. He presented a photo of the charms as exhibit.

He further claimed that after Romoke had their first child, she abandoned the baby at just 10-months-old and moved in with another man who then got her pregnant, but he accepted her when she returned home repentant. He accused her of chasing away his first wife by constantly taunting her about her childlessness.

The mother-of-four explained that the first man her husband saw with her in their bedroom was her primary school classmate while the second was her pastor who came to conduct deliverance. She admitted that she got pregnant for another man but said it was because her husband sent her away from their home. After she returned, she said they lived peacefully until he took a new wife and decided he didn’t want her anymore. She denied any knowledge of the charms seen in her room, saying she had no idea how it got there.

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