Joycelyn Savage’s Father Responds To Her Accusations

We haven’t heard the last on the allegations against R. Kelly that he targeted young girls for use as sex slaves. Joycelyn Savage’s family have granted another interview where the father denied claims he orchestrated his daughter’s meeting with R. Kelly.

Timothy Savage, whose daughter is one of the women living with the singer, insists R. Kelly is guilty of deceiving innocent underage girls and turning them into his sex slaves, some of them as young as age 17. He claims the singer’s relationship with the young women sometimes turns physically abusive and compared it to slavery, saying there was no free will on the part of the women.

When questioned about his daughter’s claims that he set her up with R. Kelly, Timothy denied it vehemently, saying:

“That never happened. I don’t know if she got that from R. Kelly or whatever, that never happened. Not one time. I didn’t orchestrate anything about it.”

He said local law enforcement and the FBI are still carrying out an investigation as far as he knows, especially in Florida, but said he couldn’t discuss the investigation. He added that his problem with the whole situation isn’t just with the sexual aspect, because anyone can have a relationship with any adult. However, his problem is with the fact that the singer abuses the women.


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