12-year Old Boy Exposes His Father Who Asked Him To Lie About His Mother’s Death

The 12 year old son of murder suspect, John Owobi, who is accused of killing his five months pregnant wife, Theresa, has told investigators at the Lagos State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (SCIID) that his father had told him to tell anyone who asked about his mother to say she committed suicide by drinking an insecticide known as sniper. The deceased died on July 13th.

Owobi, a driver with a commercial bank in Lagos, and his wife of 13 years, have been described by neighbors as the fighting couple as they were always in one form of argument or the other. The deceased always accused her husband of having extramarital affairs.

Narrating how she died to The New Telegraph, brother of the accused, Daniel Akor, said the couple engaged in a heated argument after John received a phone call from someone whom his wife believed was his mistress

“Theresa accused her husband of speaking with his lover. John told her that he wasn’t in the mood for trouble. She started cursing him and walked out of the house in anger. She returned with a bottle of sniper. She poured the content of the sniper into her mouth before we could stop her. We gave her oil to drink, but it was too late. She died.”

Son of the deceased, Israel, said he woke up while his mother was being attacked by his father.

“It was right from my sleep I heard my mother screaming help! help! help! She also shouted, ‘he wants to remove my baby from my stomach. My mother was under the bed. I saw my father and Uncle Daniel trying to pull her out from under the bed. I later went back to sleep. I woke up again to urinate. I saw my father trying to pour oil into my mum’s mouth. Uncle Daniel held a torch. He asked me to go back to sleep. He said that my mom would be alright by God’s grace. I went back to sleep. I woke up about 5a.m. My uncle told me mum was dead. My father went to inform the police. When father returned from the station, he told me that my mum drank sniper. He showed me the empty bottle. Father said that if people asked me what happened to my mum, I should tell them she drank sniper and nothing more. He told me if I did otherwise, police would arrest me.”

Meanwhile family of the deceased insist that their sister could not have committed suicide. They claim John killed her so he could marry his girlfriend.

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