Kylie Jenner is the face of new Balmain-branded Beats earbuds and headphones


French fashion house Balmain is releasing its own version of Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless earbuds and Beats Studio Wireless over-ear headphones. If you’re like me — which I hope you’re not — your mind immediately went to the Kardashians after reading “Balmain.” Congrats! You’ve successfully been conditioned to associate the two brands with each other. And, of course, keeping with the Balmain / Kardashian connection, Kylie Jenner is the face of these new Beats products. The entire landing page for the headphones is dedicated to Jenner wearing them.

I particularly like the quote Jenner provides on the page:

No matter what you’re going through, when you put on a song that you love, and that you just connect with, it can change your whole mood and just lift you up. Even if it’s just for a few minutes…I love that escape music gives us.

It’s true. The escape is good. Both the earbuds and headphones are available in two colors: safari and khaki. The safari looks sort of rose gold-ish while the khaki looks more brown than green. The sets are available through Apple and Balmain with Apple only carrying the safari color. The headphones cost $599.95 and the earbuds cost $249.95, which is nearly double the price of the non-Balmain version.


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