With the outfit to match, one talkative crowd member got more than he bargained for when he told Kim Clijsters where to place her next serve (see video)

Hilarious video of Wimbledon fan forced into a skirt by Kim Clijsters to play alongside champions.

Chris Quinn went from cheeky tennis fan to arguably the best sport to take the court at Wimbledon this year – and he’s reveling in his newfound fame.

After heckling Kim Clijsters from the stands during her doubles match last week, Mr Quinn was encouraged on to the court to have a go for himself.

Yet, speaking to thewest.com.au today, he started to think he might not make it much further.

“When I first stepped on court I do recollect think ‘any second now the cops are gonna come over and away I go to jail’ as (would) normally be the case,” he said.

Of course, he didn’t and what followed would be a moment for the tournament’s history books.

In a hilarious nod to the All England Club’s clothing rules, Clijsters grabbed a white skirt for the man to put over his blue shorts and a white shirt for him to pull on over his green t-shirt.

Amid fits of giggles from Clijsters, Mr Quinn returned several serves and won over the laughing crowd.

Footage of the exchange went viral, grabbing almost as much attention as the tournament itself, with more than 10 million people watching the video on Facebook.

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