VIDEO: This is why Erhabor Mamus became the most searched Nigerian on Facebook

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.19.57 AM.png

The name ‘Gift Erhabo’ (on Facebook as Erhabo Mamus) is currently trending on social media platforms, and the reason is far from positive.

Who is she? Lots of Nigerians are punching her name into Facebook’s search bar to find out.

A UK-based woman is accusing the 18-year-old of having an affair with her husband, who works with a real estate firm in Warri, Delta State. But that’s not the real matter.

The woman claims Erhabo has employed witchcraft, in collusion with her mother, to get her husband to periodically send her different sums of money in foreign currency, usually thousands of pounds sterling.

She said that even though she had been married to her husband for 18 years and has a child for him, her husband had never given her £1,500 at a stretch, he had already bought Erhabor a phone, a house and a car, sent her nearly £17,000 and set up a bakery for her mum — all within two years.

The two videos, which have since gone viral, are available below, courtesy Youtube

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