Grieving mum’s finds baby son’s grave has been dug up to be shared with another child


A grieving mum was horrified to find her baby son’s grave had been dug up so it can be shared with another baby .

Emma Cox, 38, said she was too distressed and tired to remember signing the document allowing Alfie’s grave to be shared with another baby.

She had been given the paperwork by hospital staff on the day he was stillborn


Her family visited his grave every week but were shocked to discover all its flowers, decorations and a cross with his name on had been replaced with a plaque with another baby’s name on Sunday.

Mrs Cox, a maths teacher from Ashingdon, Essex, said: “I’m so angry and upset.


Looking back at it now I don’t think that a grieving parent should be given important documents to sign when you are emotionally unstable or in that situation or if you are made to sign it then it should be revisited a period of time later.

“We were like if somebody has phoned us to say, ‘as you’re aware you’ve signed this form’, we would have been like, ‘sorry, we don’t remember this, we don’t want this and what can we do to stop this happening’.I’m terrified of going to the cemetery next and the other family will have decorated Alfie’s grave – with no idea that Alfie is there.
“We just don’t know what to do. I almost want to dig him up myself.”

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