Drunk Wedding Guest Accidentally Shoots a Little Girl While Playing With A Gun At Reception

Tragedy struck at a wedding in Pakistan when a drunk guest mistakenly shot dead a little girl at the reception.

In the video which has been shared on the internet, the man can be seen holding a gun as he’s surrounded by other guests. The gun shooting seems to be a customary part of the wedding because the guests were standing around, waiting in anticipation for the shots to be fired. The MC can be seen speaking into a microphone while observers filmed with their phones.

The man with the gun is then seen aiming up before firing three shots into the air. When he was done, he brought the gun down and a shot accidentally rang out, hitting the little girl in front of him. The girl fell immediately and a little boy beside her seemed to be the first to notice, before others saw what had happened and commotion descended on what should have been a happy ceremony.

See the video below.

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