Burns Survivor Narrates Her Inspiring Story: “My Scars Represent My Strength And Bravery”

A burn survivor, Solara, today shared her inspiring story online. Solara was two years old when she was involved in a fire accident in Lebanon that killed her baby brother. She has had to undergo many corrective surgeries both in Lebanon and then in the US. She had attempted suicide four times and has come out a survivor. Read her amazing story below

“I was born in Lebanon(a country in the Middle East) the accident was caused from a kerosine explosion, several people were injured and some were even killed. Of those killed my baby brother was one of them. I suffered third degree burns on 70% of my body, I was two years old at the time of the accident. Doctors predicted that i’d only live 24 hours after the explosion. I was in a coma for 6 months after that. When I woke up I couldn’t hear, see or walk. I had several surgeries in lebanon but I came to the US for more treatment and surgeries. I’ve had dozens, maybe even a hundred procedures and surgeries. A large portion of my life was spent at the hospital and for a period of time during my childhood I couldn’t walk. I absolutely hated it. I remember laying in the hospital bed as a kid and wanting nothing more than to go outside and play and live a normal childhood but when I went outside it was worse than being in the hospital. I faced so much bullying and ridiculing. I hated my life, I thought god was punishing me. I was constantly getting bullied at school, verbally, emotionally and even physically. The first time I attempted suicide I was 12 and since then I attempted suicide 4 times, I didn’t want to live. I thought the world was against me. I had suffered so much pain and I just wanted it all to end. I was put on suicide watch at the adolescent psychiatric unit all 4 times with extensive counseling, it didn’t seem helpful at first but looking back I think it was. I had extreme insecurities, I was insecure about my facial deformities. I was insecure because i have scars on my breast. I hated that I can’t use my right hand. I hated that im covered in scars but I slowly started to learn to love myself. I still have insecurities but I’m taking it one day at a time. Beauty is a concept i have struggled with but I have a lot more confidence now than I did as a kid. I think I’m beautiful. My scars tell a story, they represent my strength and bravery. Im constantly thinking of my brother who passed away, i think he’s my guardian angel, he is what keeps me going as well as my family, friends, and son. I am surrounded by love and happiness. I’m a survivor.

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