Baltimore Rapper Goes To Social Media After He Was Stabbed In The Throat, Believing He Would Die

Most people on the brink of death are usually concerned with making peace with their creator but for a Baltimore man, going on social media to say his goodbyes was his priority.

The rapper was stabbed in the throat in a domestic dispute which led to him bleeding profusely. Unconfirmed reports say he was stabbed by his ex-wife. In what he believed to be his last moment, he went on social media to say it was OK if he dies, then told friends and family that he loved them.

He can be seen at the start of the video struggling to breathe. He gasped as he said “I’m losing too much blood,” while a frantic woman can be heard encouraging him to not give up. The woman is soon seen applying pressure on the wound as she cried. At some point in the video, the wounded man falls to the floor and as everyone around him cries out in panic, he continues saying his final goodbyes on social media before he becomes unconcious. Police siren can be heard towards the end of the video.

Reports on social media say the man is still alive but in critical condition.

See the video below.


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