Woman who claimed she ‘lost unborn child’ after shooting at baby shower was never pregnant


A woman who claimed to have lost her unborn child after she was shot at her baby shower was never actually pregnant, police have said.

Cheyanne Willis, 21, was shot in the leg after two gunmen stormed her ‘gender reveal’ party in Ohio on Saturday July 8.

One guest, Autumn Garrett, 21, was killed and seven other people, including three children, where injured


When she was released from the hospital, Willis told local media she had lost her baby.

Now, Colerain Township police say Willis was never pregnant, despite her family’s claims.

Police spokesman James Love tells PEOPLE authorities are frustrated by the apparent lie but continue to try to solve the shooting.

“As ridiculous as it might be, it’s not a crime to lie, its not a crime to have a party over that lie,” says Love. “Now if she lied and put everyone in the danger — of course the shooters would be the main focus but [to press charges] would be a decision up to the local prosecutors.”

During the party, Willis posted photos on her social media with attendees announcing that her baby would be a boy.
Moments later,the gunmen burst into the scene .

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