This suit repels water,neutralizes odors,self-cleans,and wows crowds


When it comes to formalwear, guys have a finite number of options to choose from that combine fashion and function.

Sure, you can go for the tailored suit with fancy buttons, slim lapels, and a tapered leg, but the novelty wears off the moment you walk into a wedding and see ten dudes wearing the same thing. On top of the lack of individuality, there’s virtually no protection from the elements in a suit — just try braving a monsoon in seersucker

For the wedding in the middle of a surprise rain storm comes the X Suit; an innovative suit that can withstand anything in its path.

The X Suit blends fashion with cutting-edge technology by utilizing liquid-and stain-repelling fabric with four-way stretch capabilities that perform under pressure. The reinforced stitching at the arm and leg seams give those areas with the most wear an extra layer of protection.

Max Perez, creator of the X Suit says he came up with this concept to combat the norm.

“At first, we wanted to create the most comfortable stretch suit out there and then infuse it with all the latest fashion tech so it could keep up with the modern world,” says Perez. When it comes down to it, it’s the versatility of the X Suit that makes it so desirable.


“From biking to work in the morning, long flights, to an intense party, you could dress it up with a shirt and oxfords, or down with with a tee and sneakers.”   

The X Suit is also odor-proof, eco-friendly, and features 12 built-in pockets that’ll hold whatever you need to get through a boring event.

The X Suit’s two color options and multiple sizes give you the variety you need and you can literally stuff it into a bag without worrying about wrinkles. While the X Suit is far from common, it comes in a variety of typical sizes, fits, and colors (Kore Black and Grey Melange) so you can fit in while standing out.

Perez says they’ll be shipping their exclusive first batch beginning in October, but you can support the campaign and pre-order on

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