This app will correct your grammar and spelling as you go


The internet may have made our written communications more casual, but it’s safe to say that spelling and grammar still matter. A well-written text or email can express greater confidence, more sincere concern, and stalwart professionalism in a way that slapdash, typo-ridden messages don’t.

Improve your digital correspondence without burning extra time with Ginger Page Premium. This all-in-one communication app cooperates with all your devices, so you can be sure that any messages you send have proper phrasing and impeccable grammar. If you want to make sure your emails, texts, and documents are perfect before you send them out into the world, feed your desired text into Ginger Page Premium and its robust lineup of writing improvement features will do the rest.

It’s equipped with a grammar checker to call out any spelling or syntax errors, a built-in dictionary to ensure proper word usage, a sentence rephrasing tool to find alternate methods of expression, and a translator that can convert your words into 50 different languages.

Ginger will even read your text back to you, so you can make sure it sounds as good spoken aloud as it does on the page. Want to be more proactive in your writing improvement? Use the built-in personal trainer to improve your English—you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your native language.

Get Ginger Page Premium for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows for percent off the regular $748 price tag. Yup, you can get your lifetime subscription for just $69.99.

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