The Meizu Pro 7 has a second screen on the back, launches on July 26th

Meizu is gearing up to announce its next flagship, the Pro 7, on July 26th, and it looks like the standout feature for the upcoming smartphone will be a second screen on the back for displaying extra information.

The Pro 7’s design leaked out earlier this month, when videos showing off a Pac-Man-style game on the rear display made their way around the internet. As Android Authoritynoted, the video seems to indicate that the rear screen isn’t an E Ink panel, like the infamous YotaPhone, but rather a full-color LCD that only covers part of the back of the phone. This is presumably so that you can still hold the phone without blocking half the screen.

We’ll have to wait until Meizu actually announces the Pro 7 to see what functional purpose the screen will actually be used for. Suggestions range from a date and time display to serving as a viewfinder for rear camera selfies. Specs are similarly a mystery, but Android Central suggests that the Pro 7 might have a 5.2-inch 1080p display, dual 12MP rear cameras, a 16MP front-facing lens for selfies, and run off a MediaTek Helio X30. There are also rumors that Meizu might launch a larger Pro 7 Plus model, but like the other details surrounding the device, we’ll find out more on July 26th.


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