Holidays you should take in your 20s

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Your 20s are a great way to spend large amounts of cash on takeaways, oversized jumpers and a lot of trips.

This is a strange time in your life, when you’re no longer a kid, but still not comfortable with the whole adult way of doing things.

And as a result you will take a whole range of trips like boozy ones, ones full of arguments with parents and of course the romantic getaway with your bae.

Here are some trips that you will definitely take part in.

1. The one with mates

Wahey, this is the first trip you take without any form of parental supervision, and of course it all ends in tears or some form of arrest, or an incident involving a rented go kart type of vehicle.

There will be plenty of fishbowls, vomit, and a questionable nightclub that has a novelty rodeo bull. This is probably the cause of the tears.

2. The boozy trip

Similar to the trip with mates, but you managed to stretch the budget and bag yourself an all inclusive deal.

You maintained to everyone that you went for all inclusive so you could do things like play darts without an extra fee, but then you find yourself knocking back the cocktails at 11am.

One of the party was most likely removed off the airplane before you even took off, after those cheeky Snakebites in the airport Wetherspoons. Classic.

10 types of holiday you will definitely take in your 20s

3. The family holiday

The one year you were a bit broke, all your mates had made plans and you were left without anywhere to go.

Then your lovely parents step in and invite you along to their trip. You know they were only being polite, but yet you greedily accept and third wheel their annual break.

4. The romantic break

Somehow you’ve managed to find another human being that willingly wants to spend time with you, and you think there is no better way to test the boundaries of the relationship like going on a jolly, and being forced to spend endless time together.

If you survive a weekend in Barcelona, your relationship can survive anything.

5. The cheap one

This was totally last minute, and all of sudden you find yourself very excited to visit a country that was never on your list of places to go, just because you got an absolute bargain on it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.56.41 AM.png6. The backpacking jaunt

One of those casual trips to some far flung part of Asia, that you can only do when you don’t own a house or have any kids floating around.

The purpose was to find yourself, but instead you found a load of fellow Brits with backpacks, sun burn and a constant obsession with putting everything on Instagram.

7. The party break

All you wanted to do was really blow off some steam, so you hop along to some party island to dance your little socks off.

This holiday is filled with extreme hangovers, questionable holiday romances and a drunken tattoo in a discreet location that you hope no-one ever discovers .

8. The stag/hen do

You went along innocently thinking that this was going to be yet another party break, with an added twist of watching the bride or groom lose their dignity, but then all of a sudden it dawns on you that people are getting married.

Suddenly adult life is becoming a thing, and you are struck down with panic, which you disguise with booze and awkward dancing.

9. Volunteering abroad

Probably the most rewarding trip that you will ever take.

Definitely one that will change your perspective on life, and help you realise just how blessed you are.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 1.57.52 AM.png
Volunteering is something you should try (Picture: Getty)

10. The solo getaway

Usually happens after a traumatic event like a bad break up, or getting fired from your job.

Your usual structure feels strange, so you decide to do the adult thing and run away for a bit.

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