Kate Middleton Couldn’t Stop Giggling As She Was Out And About With Prince Williams

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at Warsaw’s Chopin airport just this morning and they are already on official duty.

Their first stop was to the Presidential palace to meet with the Polish President and his wife. Afterwards, they visited the Heart business incubator in the Warsaw Spire building to meet young entrepreneurs. Once there, Prince William donned a virtual reality headset and Kate obviously thought he looked funny in it because she couldn’t stop herself from giggling like an excited child. She also got to wear the headset with her husband.

Before going to meet the young entrepreneurs, Kate and William were greeted by a huge crowd as soon as they finished lunch and emerged for a brief walk in front of the palace. The crowd lining the streets were seen waving British and Polish flags and taking photos of the royals. They came bearing gifts, flowers and a sign that read: “We love William and Kate”.

More photos below:

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