Superhot, the zany and exhilarating VR shooter, is coming to PlayStation next week

Indie hit Superhot, which introduced an ingenious time-bending feature to the first-person shooter genre, is coming to the PlayStation platform next week, including in virtual reality. Both the original and its VR counterpart will be available in Europe starting July 19th, while North American customers can access the games via PSN on July 21st. Each version will cost $24.99 separately, or in a bundle for $39.99. Superhot was confirmed for PS VR back at E3, but it didn’t have a concrete release date at the time.

The game, conceived by designer Piotr Iwanicki and inspired by a goofy Flash title called Time4Cat, forces players to carefully choreograph their movements because time in the game only moves when you do. In VR, however, that idea is taken to a hilarious and exhilarating extreme when it encompasses your whole body, forcing you to dodge bullets by rotating your shoulders and ducking in the slo-mo fashion of an action movie. Because the game was completely rebuilt for VR, and features all-new level designs, Iwanicki and crew decided to market it a standalone title.

Superhot VR was originally developed as a timed exclusive for the Oculus Rift, due mostly to Oculus helping fund the project. The exclusivity window appears over, meaning the VR version can now make its way to other platforms. If you’re a PS+ member, you can get both games for $19.99, or 20 percent off, while the bundle will cost only $31.99 instead of the standard $39.99.


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