Xbox Live members can now use custom gamerpics

Microsoft has been beta testing custom gamerpics for Xbox Live since March, and it’s now rolling out the feature to everyone on the gaming service. You can now set custom images on Clubs, Gamerpics, and even Club backgrounds, all through Windows 10, an Xbox console, or the Xbox apps for iOS and Android.

Mixer co-streaming is also being enabled in an update rolling out to Xbox One today, allowing Xbox owners and up to three friends to broadcast together on the game streaming service. While this Xbox update doesn’t provide any major changes, Microsoft is also adding the ability to link a controller to an Xbox One profile. This lets specific controllers in a household sign into specific Xbox Live accounts when they’re turned on and paired to a local console, which is useful for families.

Alongside these updates, Microsoft is tweaking its Arena feature for competitions with better UI improvements, and improving the LFG experience on the Xbox mobile apps. The Xbox app for Android is also getting chat bubbles, which lets you carry on chatting through Xbox Live when you’re using other apps or games on an Android phone.



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