Cosmo DiNardo confessed to killing four young men who went missing last week but was helped by a co-conspirator

A second suspect has been arrested in connection to the murders of four men that a schizophrenic drug dealer has confessed to carrying out.

Cosmo DiNardo confessed to murdering four missing men and burning their bodies on his family’s Pennsylvania farm. He said he did so because he felt threatened or cheated when he tried to sell them marijuana, a source close to the investigation has said.

DiNardo’s confession on Thursday came after a huge search of the property in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

And now, shortly after the 20-year-old admitted to taking the lives of his victims, news of an unidentified co-conspirator allegedly involved in three of the killings has emerged.


On Thursday, a source said DiNardo’s motive behind the slayings was that he felt threatened or cheated by the men who came to him wanting to buy marijuana.

The insider also said a co-conspirator was involved in three of the killings.

Later on Thursday evening, the unidentified person was taken into custody in northeast Philadelphia, Fox29 reports.

Pictures posted online show a number of police cars outside a home just moments after the second person was arrested at around 11pm.



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