BlackBerry KeyOne launches on Sprint, the eternal harbor of innovation

The BlackBerry KeyOne — the company’s latest attempt to return to the good old days of hardware keyboards — has been available to purchase in the US since May 31st unlocked for $549.

If you prefer to buy phones through carriers (and saving money upfront), and are a Sprint customer, and want to buy the KeyOne, then good news! The BlackBerry KeyOne will be available at Sprint tomorrow, July 14th. Sprint will be selling the KeyOne for 18 monthly payments of $22, putting you at a final cost of $396, which is a decent savings compared to buying one unlocked. It’s unclear if that price will apply to upfront purchases, but presumably there will be other various installment plans for customers to take advantage of.

For what it’s worth, in The Verge review, my colleague Dan Seifert found the KeyOne to be a pretty good phone for what it was trying to do. So if you’ve been holding out on a new BlackBerry and are on Sprint, it might be worth checking out the carrier’s offer.


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