Transgender woman has her penis cut off by an unqualified airline pilot


A commercial airline pilot used a scalpel from an army surgical kit to cut off transgender woman’s penis.Unqualified James Pennington, 57, removed the testicles of a transgender woman at her flat.

Pennington had attempted to stitch up wound and told the woman’s wife, who had been present for the 90 minute procedure, to call 911 should the Denver “patient” have any complications.

But after the pilot left the woman began to bleed heavily.Paramedics took the patient to the Medical Center of Aurora but court files said the testicles could not be reattached because too much time passed between the procedure and the woman’s call for help.

Despite suffering “serious bodily injury”, the woman, who is referred to as Jane Doe, does not see herself as a victim of Pennington, and said he did her a “favour”.

Her lawyer David Beller said she “is thankful the case is almost over and wishes Mr Pennington the best.

“She is fully recovered and is happy in her new body. She hopes that her ordeal serves as a wake-up call to the public to realise that medical health of a trans person is a human need and not merely a choice of convenience.”

She chose to have the “unlicensed operation” and he was not a monster.
ABC7 reports a letter written by Jane Doe said:

“I tried for many years to go through legitimate routes to get these surgeries which would make my physical genitalia match my gender.
“Yet every time something went wrong.
“Whether it be the loss of insurance, or changes in the law, I have been stopped at every single turn from completing my transition.
“Eventually it became too much. My body is my body, and my gender is my gender, and I am the only one who gets to decide how I want my transition to go.”

She claimed in the letter that she wash not a victim of Pennington.

“I contacted Mr Pennington because he offered to do me a favour and help me get an operation which I so badly needed for my mental and physical health,” she wrote.

He faces two years court supervision with no prison time when sentenced next month, prosecutors told ABC7

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