Shocking surveillance footage has emerged showing the moment a mob chases and beats to death an American college graduate Bakari Henderson in Greece

Bakari Henderson, of Austin, Texas, was staying in Lagana on the island of Zakynthos when he was attacked last Friday.

Footage shows the 22-year-old running away from a huge mass of people outside of a bar.

People are seen punching and kicking him as he lays on the ground by a car.

They stop after 20 seconds when a passer-by tells them to.

Eight people have been arrested.

Greek police said among them were a 34-year-old Greek and a 32-year-old British man of Serbian origin. Serbia’s foreign ministry said six of its citizens were arrested.

Authorities are still trying to piece together motives behind the attack.

But there are reports a fight broke out when Henderson spoke with a girl and someone confronted her about ‘hanging out with the Americans’, according to

Henderson died from severe injuries to the head and the blows were so severe he did not have a chance to defend himself, a Greek coroner ruled.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 4.14.46 AM.png


Henderson had recently graduated from the University of Arizona.


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