Jeremey Meeks files for legal seperation after wife threatened him with divorce

Jeremy Meeks has filed for legal separation from his wife-of-eight years.
The 33-year-old convicted felon filed paperwork asking to end his marriage to 38-year-old Melissa Meeks, in California, on Tuesday.

This comes after she revealed plans to divorce him over photographs of him romancing with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.
The legal separation, if granted means their assets will be separated. Also,he filed the date of separation at June 24,four days before his public liaison with Chloe.
Jeremy had told his wife he was going to promote a night club when pictures of him passionately kissing 26-year-old Green on board a $145,000-a-week yacht in Bodrum, Turkey, emerged in the first week of July

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