Howard University Professor Reginald Robinson was accused of sexual harassment by two students because he gave students a question about a bikini wax


A college law professor has been found guilty of sexual harassment because he gave students a test question about a bikini wax.

Reginald Robinson included the question in a test for students at Howard University in Washington D.C. in September 2015.

It described a hypothetical situation in which a person sued a beauty salon claiming to have been touched inappropriately by a therapist after falling asleep while undergoing a bikini wax.

The question asked whether a court would support the person’s claim against the salon owner as opposed to the therapist and if it would even be upheld given that the person had consented to the somewhat invasive wax on their genitals.

Two students complained to the university. claiming that the question made them feel as though they had to reveal if they had ever undergone bikini waxes themselves.

They said they did not like the use of the word ‘genitals’, according to The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE).

A lengthy investigation was launched and on Thursday, it concluded that Robinson was guilty of sexual harassment.

As a result, he has to undergo sensitivity training, have all of his test questions screened by another member of staff and his classes will be supervised.

The university also warned that he could face termination if other students complain about him.


‘Robinson’s test question clearly does not constitute sexual harassment.

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