Homes Have Been Wrecked, Life Affected, But We Make Jokes – Maje Ayida Calls Ambode Out On IG


With the recent situation of things on the lagos Island, Toke Makinwa’s ex, Maje Ayida, isn’t one of many making jokes about the flood that has taken over homes there.
He took to IG to call Governor Ambode out, asking when help will get to those on the island.
Read his ost below:

All I see are jokes and memes. Homes have been wrecked, lives affected, but we make jokes. In other parts of the world emergency services would be deployed, what do we have, twitter and the gram. Where is the help, this is a man made problem, what are we doing? We can’t pray it away, it will keep happening unless there is actual action. Hey, at least one thing is consistent, no electricity. Relief? Aid? Maybe when they return from that UK trip or that wedding.. or maybe when @cnnafrica cover it…

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