Racy emails sent by Scottie Nell Hughes to suspended Fox Business host Charles Payne…Email emerged after Hughes accused Payne of sexually harassing her


A series of racy emails have emerged that were purportedly sent by news pundit Scottie Nell Hughes to Fox Business host Charles Payne during their three-year affair.

The emails come amid accusations by Hughes that Payne sexually harassed her and coerced her into the relationship with threats of reprisals – claims he denies.

Fox have suspended Payne in light of the allegations, but he says her claims are an ‘ugly lie’.

Allegedly sent in September 2013, the emails graphically describe a sex dream Hughes supposedly had about the pair, as well as seeming innuendos, Red Alert Politics reported.


The Fox Business host (pictured with his wife)  a married father, has admitted to the affair, but denies Hughes’ claims that he coerced her into the relationship with threats of reprisals


The emails, obtained by the site from an unnamed source and supposedly verified by two separate sources, are all purportedly from Hughes to Payne.

The first of them was sent at 10:31 on September 3, 2013 and is titled ‘RE: Another sleepless night.’

It reads: ‘You are going to need every once [sic] of energy if we are ever given the chance of lots of time and no commitments’.

The second, dated six minutes later, graphically recounts a dream that Hughes supposedly has of the pair together.

‘Do you know what I keep dreaming about.. You and I in the pool… My legs wrapped around your waste [sic] and you have me pressed up against the wall of the pool,’ it reads.

‘Skin glistening and smelling of coconut… You thrusting yourself deeper inside with each push… And your fingers grasping each of my cheeks. Holding me to you.’

The third and final email, titled ‘RE: Tell me about the problems,’ is dated September 7, 2013.

It concerned interactions between the pair, according to Red Alert Politics, and read: ‘That is the ideal way to start a Saturday or any day for that matter.’

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