Journalist Lucian Wintrich Slamed for tweeting an image of ‘CNN’ Twin Towers being destroyed by Trump plane


Lucian Wintrich, 29,  posted a meme showing President Trump’s head superimposed at the tip of one of the hijacked airplanes flying into the Twin Towers, labelled with a CNN logo.


He immediately deleted the tweet after critics pounced on him.

Wintrich – who writes for the pro- alt-right blog, Gateway Pundit – says his friend in the Marines sent him the meme and claims he only took it down because of requests.

‘[It was] sent to me by my friend in the Marines – and I stand by it being funny. It was taken down due to requests.

‘I didn’t create it – which was my point. And I could care less if folks didn’t like it.’


One social media user posted: ‘He should lose his job. Should’ve lost it with previous memes.’

In another news: Donald Trump Jr posts edited Top Gun clip of his father as Maverick blowing up CNN

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