See How The Kardashian Sisters Reacted To Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian’s Drama

The Kardashians are known to stage an intervention whenever any one of them is going through some kind of problem, but ever since their only brother Rob started having a meltdown on social media, they have been unusually unconcerned.

It has now been revealed that the sisters’ behaviour is intentional.
They are more worried about Rob and Chyna’s daughter, Dream, and how the public row may be hurting the family name. So their strategy is to not give any attention to the fight, with the hopes that this will make it subside. The sisters are doing this by promoting themselves more on their respective social media accounts. They have spent the past couple of days aggressively using their social media accounts to promote their products, apps, and paid adverts.

Kim is busy promoting her KKW beauty line. With a series of Instagram videos, Kim has been sharing makeup tutorials using her makeup line as the products, while pretending Rob and Chyna do not exist.  Kourtney is flaunting her trim figure and directing people to her app for workout tips. Khloe took a more fun route by sharing a video of herself advertising Icecream, and this got her the ire of followers who criticised her for talking about ice cream when her brother was having a meltdown. Kendall shared a photo of herself modelling for Fendi and another of her promoting earphones. As for Kylie, the baby of the house is promoting her lip gloss and her famous curves.
On her part, the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, has been busy promoting her daughters on social media. See screenshots of the Kardashian sisters’ social media activities below.

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