Nick Cannon’s New Girlfriend Replies Blogs That Are Saying She’s Black

Earlier this week, new photos of Nick Cannon and his latest love interest surfaced and it was such a surprise because he’s known to date white or biracial women, but the woman with him was black.

MTO described her as “just regular black”. Now she has replied to set the record straight. The new girlfriend, Lanisha Cole, posted a screenshot of the news shared by MTO’s website on her Instagram then accompanied it with a caption addressing the debate on her race.

“Yes, I’m black… anything but “regular” though,” the photographer and former video vixen wrote.

She acknowledged that she had dinner with Nick Cannon and also tagged MTO. Nick Cannon stamped his seal of approval by dropping a comment on the post.

“This is classic! What the hell is “Exotical”? But yes you are far from regular… You are a Queen!” the TV personality commented, referencing MTO’s post where they wrote that she’s “not exotical”.


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