Mother Sends Baby Daddy Final Photo Of Their 2-Year Old Before Smothering Her To Death


A mother deliberately smothered her young daughter before trying to commit suicide, a court has heard.

In the hours before the alleged murder, Cody-Anne Jackson, 20, bombarded the little girl’s father with angry texts after their relationship ended.

She also sent Paul Hogan a picture of Macey, 2, with a message which read: ‘Sorry, just thought you deserved one last picture and memory of her’.

He had moved out of the family home just a week before the child was found dead by police, who had smashed their way into the house.

Jackson was found with superficial knife wounds. A suicide note read: ‘I do not want to leave her behind but I can’t go on either. There is nothing for me or Macey.’

Stafford Crown Court was told the ‘socially-isolated’ mother suffocated Macey before making a botched attempt to take her own life.bk,,.jpg

Jackson claims Macey suffocated while sleeping in bed next to her, and that she tried to kill herself after discovering her daughter’s lifeless body.

The court heard Macey’s father had moved out of their home in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, days before the tragedy in October.

Prosecutor Jonas Hankin QC said the relationship had reached ‘a tipping point’ on the weekend of October 7 to 9 when Jackson sent him a string of messages.

‘It was clear Cody felt angry and frustrated with Paul,’ said Mr Hankin.

On October 8, Jackson sent Mr Hogan the picture of Macey with the chilling message.

Mr Hankin added: ‘A similar pattern ensued the next day with Cody calling him repeatedly and him not picking up.

‘In Cody’s mind the relationship had reached a tipping point. Any prospect of reconciliation, it seems, had evaporated.

‘As far as she was concerned the relationship was finished. On October 9, for the first time, she was forced to confront the reality of being on her own. She spent the rest of the day at home alone with Macey.’

The jury was told Jackson spent the night next to her daughter before dialling 999 on the morning of October 10 to report she was not breathing.

Mr Hankin QC said: ‘This child suffered widespread brain damage caused by the interruption of oxygenated blood supply to the brain. Something has interfered with her ability to breathe.’

In her defence statement she claims she put Macey to bed at 6.30pm and went to bed herself after taking her prescribed medication.

She claims Macey woke up so she put the child into her bed at 7.25pm and then fell asleep. She woke later to find Macey next to her in between two pillows.

Her pillow was slightly over Macey’s face and when she moved it discovered the child was not breathing. Her body was cold and she realised she was dead.

Realising nothing could be done she claims she decided not to call the emergency services and lay in bed with her daughter.

Later she went downstairs and grabbed two kitchen knives, took them up to her bedroom and attempted to take her own life.

Jackson called the emergency services at 9.56am on Monday, October 10 and said her daughter was not breathing.

Minutes later police smashed their way into the terrace house, but the officer could not open the bedroom door fully because it was blocked by Macey’s body.

Cody was sitting cross-legged behind Macey facing the officer and performing ‘ineffective’ CPR. It was obvious to the officer that Macey had been dead for some time.

Police found four knives in the bedroom and a suicide note addressed to the defendant’s uncle, Craig Jackson.

The note read: ‘I sit here thinking about killing my own daughter and then killing myself. I do not want to leave her behind but I can’t go on either. There is nothing for me or Macey.

Jackson, of Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, denies the murder charge. The trial, which is expected to last about three weeks, continues.


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