Jeremy Meeks is confronted by his furious wife as he returns home for first time After Affair With billionaire’s daughter Chloe Green

Convicted criminal Meeks, 33, touched down in the US on Monday night following a week which saw him  romancing heiress Chloe Green on yacht off Turkey.

Dressed in navy blue polka dot pants and a matching shirt, Meeks was seen shuttling a pile of luggage into the house from a truck parked outside

But his welcome appeared less than warm – possibly as a result of his highly-public dalliance with Green, 26, whose father Sir Phillip is worth an estimated $5.1bn.



Meeks and wife Melissa, who spent July 4 apart, were seen arguing on the doorstep with the 38-year-old apparently reluctant to allow the convicted felon inside.

n Monday, Meeks’ furious sister-in-law Michelle told that the family is aware of his affair with Green but do not care ‘at all’ about his philandering.

Asked if she knew of the heiress and Meek’s affair, Michelle, of Las Vegas, Nevada, answered: ‘Yes and I don’t care. I don’t care at all.’

She added: ‘We have no other comment to make. None at all.’

Michelle herself is yet to comment on the affair, but did insist she is ‘still legally married’ to the felon as she left work at a youth detention facility in Oakland, California, on Monday night.


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