Missouri man charged with statutory sodomy of a one-year-old girl he was babysitting after the child’s parents allegedly caught him in the act

Jayson Newlun, 26, was babysitting the one-year-old while her parents took a trip to the store. When the girl’s mother forgot her WIC food assistance folder at home, they returned to retrieve it.

Went they got home, the child’s mother noticed Newlun was not on the couch anymore – and her daughter’s bedroom door was open.


The mother walked in and allegedly saw Newlun take an inappropriate photo of her child before touching the little girl’s genitals while inappropriately touching himself.

Court documents state Newlun screamed before he was tackled by the girl’s father.

The father reportedly hit Newlun with a dresser drawer and punched him several times.

Family members told police they had only been gone for five or ten minutes.

Probable cause documents in this case show that Newlun was a family friend of the child’s parents. Newlun stayed at the family’s home the night of June 29th.

According to KMBC News the mother saw what was happening, and ran to get her husband. That’s when Newlun got beat-up by the girl’s father. His injuries are clear in his Clay County Jail mugshot.

A neighbor had to step in to stop the father from continuing to attack Newlun.

The mother told police while she was waiting for officers to arrive, she asked him why he would do something like this.

He told her he didn’t know. She reportedly told him ‘I hope you go down for this.’ He replied ‘I do, too.’

Newlun was detained and taken to the Clay County Detention Center.

A $250,000 bond has been requested in this case.


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