Care home worker Jie Xiao was arrested after video showed him attacking 89-year-old dementia patient Georges Karam

A care home worker has been caught on surveillance footage punching a vulnerable dementia patient in the face 11 times.

Personal support worker Jie Xiao was arrested and charged with assault after video showed the shocking attack on patient Georges Karam, 89.

Relatives of Karam had become concerned after he suffered a string of unexplained injuries while an in-patient at the Garry J Armstrong long-term care home in Ottawa, Canada, the Ottawa Citizen reports.


Video showed Xiao enter Karam’s room on May 8 to change the elderly patient’s diaper.

The confused dementia sufferer batted feebly at Xiao twice, who responded by hitting him 11 times.

He was also seen taunting the 89-year-old, aggressive thrusting his clenched fist in his Karam’s terrified face.

Xiao then tucks him in, and covers him with sheets and blankets before leaving.


Karam’s family were appalled after reviewing the footage, particularly when Xiao would have been aware of the camera above him.

‘We have a camera on him, and even that doesn’t deter him. To me, that’s mind blowing,’ his grandson said.

The family rushed to the care home after reviewing the video, calling the cops on the way, and ran into Xiao on the way to their grandfather’s room. They detained Xiao until police arrived and the care giver was arrested.


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