Angry Scorned Wife Beats Her Husband’s Mistress In The Presence Of Police

The shocking moment an angry wife beat up a woman alleged to be her husband’s lover was caught on camera. In the footage shared online, the wife can be seen viciously grabbing her rival’s hair and refusing to let go even as a police officer tried to separate them.

Footage shows a woman wearing a pink dress being dragged by another woman wearing a red dress. The woman believed to be the wife dragged the alleged mistress by her long hair and refused to give in to the policeman trying to settle their brawl. The alleged mistress tried desperately to free herself but was powerless against the wife.
The video is believed to have been shot in a Chinese city. It was uploaded to a Chinese social media and has had hundreds of thousands of views. The clip which was over one minute long ended with the scorned wife kicking the mistress in her private parts.

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