The decomposing and dismembered torso that was found floating in the water has been identified as a missing New Jersey woman

Blood from a dismembered New Jersey woman who washed up in Brooklyn on Saturday, has allegedly been discovered in her boyfriend’s bathtub.

Police have now identified Jennifer Londono, 31, of Englewood – who was reported missing on June 25 – as the tattooed corpse.

They have been interviewing her boyfriend as part of their investigation, but a source told the New York Post there has been some ‘inconsistencies’ in his story.



The same source claims that a search of his apartment uncovered blood which belonged to Londono in the boyfriend’s bathtub.

Last week, her headless and decomposing body was found floating near the rocks off Pier 44 in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The body was identified after police released a photo of a tattoo the corpse had on its right hip.


Londono’s mother came to the 76th Precinct station house Thursday, saying her daughter had the same tattoo in the same place.


She told police the tattoo, the name ‘Lily’ or ‘Lilyann written in Sanskrit surrounded by stars, was a tribute to her daughter’s dead aunt, theNew York Post reported.

A few days later, a leg was found floating in the Hudson River near the Upper West Side, near the W 79th Street Boat Basin by a passing female jogger who called the police around 12.35pm.

It had pink painted toenails and did not appear to be decomposed, New York Daily News reported.

DNA from the leg will be compared with DNA from the torso to confirm that the leg is from the same woman.

Cops are still searching for the rest of her body, police said Monday.

Londono was last seen closing up the Luna Lounge, on Armory Street in Englewood New Jersey. She was reported missing on June 25.



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