Shocking Moment As Woman Pounces On Man In The Middle Of The Road, Pulling His Shirt Off In Scotland

This is the shocking moment a petite woman fought so hard with a man in a packed street before climbing onto his bonnet as he tried to flee. Dramatic footage shows the small blonde coming out of the back of the car and pouncing on the man in public in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland.

In the video which has gone viral on Twitter, the pair can be seen engaged in a violent brawl while people watched in horror.

As the fight begins, the woman removes her jacket and lunges at the man then keeps hitting him while he tries to escape her grip. When he finds that he can’t get her off him, he begins to defend himself from her blows and manages to get her to the ground.

From her position on the floor, the woman continues fighting and tugs the man’s shirt off his body. The man finally fends the woman off and runs back to his car in an attempt to drive off but the woman catches up to him and wrestles energetically to open the door and make her way into the car. Eventually, unable to get into the car, she throws herself on the windscreen and remains there to prevent the man from driving off.
The video was shot on Saturday as the traditional Greenock Fair began. The couple had been loading their car when the woman suddenly got angry. It is not clear what caused her to flare up but people sitting in their cars in Cathcart Street near the town centre watched the fight and actually found it hilarious. No one tried to stop them but a man is seen towards the end talking to the woman while she gesticulated from the windscreen where she was sitting.

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