Policeman who proposed to boyfriend at Gay Pride ‘wished he hadn’t’


A police officer who proposed to his boyfriend at London’s Gay Pride has admitted he regretted his decision .
PC Phil Adlem shocked his boyfriend when he stepped away from his duties and popped the question in front of thousands of people at last year’s event.

Videos of the emotional moment went online . Writing for the The Guardian , Phil now admits he wished he never made the public proposal due to the shocking abuse he has faced online.hgfx.png

He said:

 “I looked through the online comments from the British public. Most were fantastic.
“But my smile did not last long as I continued reading.”

 “A further hostile reaction at work from one of my colleagues and another from an old college friend was enough for me to wish I had never done it.”Despite all this, I know I am lucky. I am lucky to live in a time when I can join the police service as an openly gay man – and I have previous generations to thank for that”But even among young people in Britain today, my story is far from unique.”

He found countless disgusting homophobic comments including “both should be hanged till death” and “don’t blame ISIS if they strike them”.

He was offered media interviews but turned them down as a result of the vile comments.


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