Fourth of July patriotic nail art ideas


‘Glitter’ and ‘minimalist’ are two words that don’t typically go together, but both can be used to describe this Independence Day mani from Juli of YouTube channelJauntyJuli. It features a smattering of delicate red, white, blue and star-shaped glitter on top of a neutral nail look.



STEP 1: Apply two coats of semi-sheer pink nail polish (try Essie in Hi Maintenance) on each nail and let dry. STEP 2: Directly before adding the glitter to each nail, apply another coat of pink polish, so the particles have something to stick to


STEP 3 (left): Use the pointy end of a wooden cuticle pusher to pick up and place the glitter on a concentrated area of the nail. Apply as much or as little as you like. STEP 4 (right): Finish with a top coat



Jin Soon Choi, nail artist and founder of JINsoon nail polish, dreamt up a modern ombre look that you’ll want to repeat all summer long.

Switch up the colors on each nail like Jin did, or create the same gradient on every nail.



STEP 3 (left): Apply brush strokes of JINsoon Coral Peony, Enflammee and Doux  onto a small sponge from darkest to lightest (pictured here at the bottom of the sponge). STEP 4 (right): Dab the sponge over the middle finger until you’ve reached your desired effect


STEP 5 (left): Apply JINsoon Grace to the index finger. STEP 6 (right): Repeat steps 3 and 4 with shades Cool Blue, Aero and Doux on the index finger. STEP 7: Clean up excess with a brush dipped in acetone. STEP 8: Finish with a top coat


We love how Erika of YouTube channel Forever Nails used a dotting tool for a unique interpretation of a classic American flag mani.

Not only does the detail give the look a modern twist, but it leaves less room for error because you don’t have to worry about creating perfect horizontal lines across each nail.



STEP 1: Paint all of your nails with an opaque white polish. STEP 2 (left): Draw a horizontal line across your pointer finger a little less than halfway down using a striping brush and a blue polish like Essie Butler Please. STEP 3 (right): Fill in the area from the line down to the cuticle with the same blue polish


STEP 4 (left): On your middle finger, draw a blue box on the bottom right section of your nail and fill it in. STEP 5 (right): Stamp a dotting tool dipped in a red polish like Essie Really Red across the nail to create the flag’s stripes on the pointer and index fingers


STEP 6: Using the same technique, create five lines of dots across each of the remaining white nails


STEP 7: Use a striping brush and shimmery silver polish (try Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Silver Sweep) to draw small stars on the blue section of the pointer and middle nails. STEP 8: Finish with a top coat


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